What product does the CAS number 2809-21-4 represent?

The CAS number of 1-Hydroxy Ethylidene-1,1-Diphosphonic Acid(HEDP) is: 2809-21-4.Similar to HEDP4NA, the CAS number is 3794-83-0, while ATMP has a CAS number of 6419-19-8.

What is a CAS number?

The CAS number is the identification number of a chaical substance, also known as the Chaical Abstracts Service Registry Number. It is a unique identifier assigned to various chaical substances by the Chaical Abstracts Service of the United States.

The CAS number consists of a hyphen separated number and usually has three parts: the first two parts are identifiers assigned by the Chaical Abstracts Society, and the third part is the check digit. Each CAS number corresponds to a specific chaical substance, and different chaical substances have different CAS numbers.

CAS numbers are widely used in the field of chaistry to accurately identify and retrieve information about chaical substances. Scientists, researchers, chaical manufacturers, and regulatory agencies often use CAS numbers to identify and track chaical substances to ensure accurate identification and communication.

What is HEDP?

HEDP is an abbreviation for hydroxyethyl diphosphonic acid, also known as 1-hydroxyethyl phosphonate diester. It is an organic phosphate compound widely used in water treatment, metal corrosion inhibition, and pharmaceutical fields.

HEDP has good chelating ability and stability, and can form stable complexes with metal ions such as calcium, magnesium, and iron, thereby achieving the goal of inhibiting scale and metal corrosion. It is widely used in industrial water treatment, which can prevent calcium and magnesium plasma deposition from forming scale and effectively inhibit the corrosion of metal pipelines and equipment.


In addition, HEDP is also used as one of the components of osteoporosis treatment drugs in the pharmaceutical field, as it has an affinity for calcium ions and can be used for increasing bone density and preventing osteoporosis.

In summary, HEDP is an important chaical with multiple applications, including water treatment, metal corrosion inhibition, and pharmaceuticals.

HEDP prices and purchasing channels?

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